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Open Campus Information

Dear Parents and Guardians:

Hanover High School’s open campus privilege is an opportunity for students to develop personal responsibility for their unscheduled time.  The privilege can teach students to:

1. budget and prioritize their unscheduled time.
2. complete important tasks that cannot be accomplished within the formal school environment.
3. make an effective transition between secondary education and further formal schooling and employment.

The privilege is not suitable for every student and the school has instituted minimal academic and behavioral eligibility requirements.  In addition, the school can provide structure for students who do not use their unscheduled time effectively.  Teachers may assign students to a resource room and parents may make similar arrangements through their child’s guidance counselor.  We would also suggest discussing your expectations with your child regarding the use of unscheduled time and the use of the open campus should you decide to grant the privilege.

Justin M. Campbell            Julie Stevenson
Principal                           Dean of Students

To the Student of Hanover High School:

Your signature on the open campus permission form means that you have reviewed, and are knowledgeable about, the content within the Student Handbook and the Open Campus Information page.  If you meet the school’s open campus eligibility requirements and your parents or guardians have granted you permission, your signature affirms that you will not abuse the privilege.  Your signature represents agreement with the goals of open campus as outlined in the note to your parents.

If you do not meet the school’s open campus eligibility requirements or your parents or guardians have decided not to grant you permission, then your signature signifies acknowledgement that you do not have open campus.  Most importantly, this means that you cannot leave the school grounds during the school day.

We would be happy to discuss open campus with you should you have any questions.  Your teachers can also be of assistance.

Justin M. Campbell            Julie Stevenson
Principal                           Dean of Students


Open Campus is a privilege granted by parents and Hanover High School administrators to certain 10th, 11th and 12th graders so that they may leave school grounds during their unscheduled time.  In order to have the privilege, the individual student must meet all of the eligibility requirements.


1.  Open Campus is available to students in grades 10, 11, and 12 only.

2.  Students must pass all courses at the conclusion of each semester (midyear and end of year).  For example, for first semester 10th graders, their final 9th grade marks determine eligibility. Incompletes are not considered a passing grade until the teacher gives formal notice that the incomplete has been made up.

3.  Students cannot be involved in any serious disciplinary problems as outlined in Hanover High School’s Student Handbook.  Serious infractions are not limited to school grounds or property.

4.  Students need to have parental permission forms on file in the Main Office.


Ineligibility is determined as follows:
1.  A student receiving a No Credit in a semester or final grade receives a four week schedule up for the following semester thereby losing Open Campus privileges for that period of time.

2.  A student involved in a serious disciplinary incident will lose the privilege for an amount of time to be decided jointly by administration and parents.

3.  A student does not have the privilege until the school has on file a valid parental permission form.  Parents may withdraw their permission at any time.  This decision cannot be appealed.

4.  Teachers who question the value of open campus for an individual student will communicate their concerns to the student’s guidance counselor.  Open campus privilege could be withdrawn as a result of a meeting among the teacher(s), the guidance counselor, and parents.  Students will be invited to attend.  Withdrawal of parental permission would be necessary if the student is to lose the open campus privilege.


Any student who becomes ineligible because of academic or behavioral problems has the right to appeal directly to the administration provided that parents support the appeal.  Administrative decisions may be appealed to the Judiciary Committee of Council.


1.  The definition of “school grounds” can be found in the Student Handbook.

2.  Property belonging to the Lutheran Church and to the Senior Citizens Housing Center is not to be used for social purposes.  The administration may declare other areas “off-limits” should it receive complaints about student behavior or loitering.

3.  When a student leaves school prior to 3:00 PM for any reason, he/she is expected to sign out in the sign out book located in the atrium and state specific destinations and time of departure.  Similarly, when a student returns to school, he/she is to record the time returned in the sign out book.  This process is to be used in exercising the open campus privilege as well as when parents have excused their son/daughter for a specific appointment.  In that case, signing out must be accompanied by a note or telephone call from a parent excusing the student.

The sign out book is reviewed daily and the information becomes part of a student’s attendance record.

4.  We make a good faith effort to effectively enforce requirements and procedures.  Parents need to support the school’s efforts by reporting infractions of their own children not adhering to the requirements as outlined.  Although the administration is committed to the enforcement of open campus requirements, 100% enforcement is not realistic despite the school’s best efforts.

5.  If 9th graders violate the open campus regulation, they will be scheduled-up for a period of one week.  Upon a second offense, students will lose their open campus privilege for the first marking period of their sophomore year.  In addition, they will be scheduled-up for two weeks immediately following the infraction.

 Students not having the open campus privilege who leave school grounds without permission will be scheduled-up for a two-week period for each offense.


In July and again in January parents and guardians will receive a communication from the school if there has been a change in their son’s or daughter’s open campus eligibility status.  Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s guidance counselor or the administration if they are uncertain whether or not to grant open campus permission.

Administration will hold an orientation meeting for tenth grade parents to assist in understanding the purposes of open campus and to help parents decide if open campus is appropriate for their child.  The administration will also be holding a class meeting for tenth graders to review the content of this pamphlet and to discuss the importance of respecting their school’s rules and regulations concerning the open campus privilege.  In addition, the school’s advisory system (Common Ground) will be discussing particulars of open campus as deemed appropriate.

Through the leadership of the school’s Council, students will be expected to assist in the implementation of the privilege.  It is recognized that without student assistance and cooperation the goals of open campus cannot be accomplished.