Hanover High School is an active learning community that provides broad academic and co-curricular programs. We engage students' minds, hearts and voices so that they become educated, caring and responsible adults.

All students are given the opportunity to use their
  • minds to pursue excellence, academic challenge and personal success.
  • hearts to respect and care for the emotional and physical well-being of themselves and others, and for the environment.
  • voices to contribute to the democratic process and the common good.

Principal's Weekly

Dear Hanover High School Community,

The HHS varsity golf team won a closely contested state championship on October 9th in Portsmouth. After counting the requisite five scores, Hanover was tied with Windham, 407-407. Hanover took the title on the 6th score tie-breaker 86-88.

I must admit that even more impressive to me than another championship is the way that Coach Donnelly and the team achieve their success. I received an email yesterday from a golfer from another school who played against our team this year. Below is a short quote from his message which exemplifies the style of play our team exhibited throughout the year.

“... [playing against Hanover] was a great experience even though I was beaten by a couple dozen strokes. I’m new to this game and struggle to get a good score. During the season many competitors rolled eyes and even make comments when one of my shots flew out of bounds or bounced only a few yards ahead. The experience with your golfer was different. He was polite and encouraging throughout the match. His friendly attitude made it a great day for me and made me think about how I am on the course….”

Congratulations to the team, to Coach Donnelly and to the parents of the players. Your approach to the game of golf is truly impressive and makes us all proud!

In other news… this weekend is Homecoming weekend for HHS and for Dartmouth College. Please speak with your student about your family’s behavioral expectations surrounding these events. Teenagers may appear not to be listening but research tells us that the messages from parents, school and community do sink in. Our shared efforts will assist our kids to make safe choices.

I hope you enjoy the weekend,

Justin M. Campbell
Hanover High School

Strategic Planning at Hanover High School

Do you know what Hanover High School plans for the next five years? Check out the school's initial findings in its Strategic Plan by clicking here. Public forums on the strategic plan will be held at 7:00 p.m. October 29 and November 6 in the HHS Library.

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