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All students are given the opportunity to use their
  • minds to pursue excellence, academic challenge and personal success.
  • hearts to respect and care for the emotional and physical well-being of themselves and others, and for the environment.
  • voices to contribute to the democratic process and the common good.

Principal's Weekly

Dear Parents and/or Guardians of HHS Students,

There are many wonderful attributes that drew us all to live in the Upper Valley. In my opinion, one of the most incredible parts of living here is the huge variety of outdoor activities. HHS has a well established Outing Club that organizes all manner of outdoor experiences for our students - including hiking, backpacking, skiing, biking, and even surfing (clearly that last one didn’t happen in the Upper Valley). These activities are healthy, can be pursued throughout one’s life and build community among students of different ages and academic interests.

Today’s weather demonstrates one of the impediments that many of our students face in participating with the Outing Club - the weather is cold throughout the vast majority of the school year. In talking with the leaders of the Outing Club and reflecting on my March Intensive Course last year, in which we took 20 students to an the AMC’s Zealand Falls Hut, it has become clear that many of our students lack winter gear. Sure, we all have winter clothing but snowshoes, winter sleeping bags, large backpacks and other equipment is hard to borrow in sufficient numbers and rentals are seldomly available and expensive.

So, the Hanover High School Outing Club is looking for outdoor gear including, in order of priority:

Winter sleeping bags - ideally rated to 0 degrees or below

60+ liter backpacks


Micro spikes

Sleeping pads

Nalgene bottles

If you have used items, in good condition, that are not being used, please let me know. We have a storage location here at school and our students will make great use of the items.

Thank you very much and I hope you enjoy the weekend!

Justin M. Campbell

Hanover High School

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