Hanover High School is an active learning community that provides broad academic and co-curricular programs. We engage students' minds, hearts and voices so that they become educated, caring and responsible adults.

All students are given the opportunity to use their
  • minds to pursue excellence, academic challenge and personal success.
  • hearts to respect and care for the emotional and physical well-being of themselves and others, and for the environment.
  • voices to contribute to the democratic process and the common good.

Principal's Weekly

Dear Parents and/or Guardians of HHS Students,

The Hanover High School Prom is this Saturday from 7:30 to 10:30 pm. This, and many other, year end events fill me with mixed emotions. It is always a treat to see our students spend a fun, elegant evening together but I can’t help but be concerned by the potential for teenagers to make poor decisions around such events.

Please take a moment tonight to discuss your family’s behavioral expectations around such issues as: dancefloor etiquette, healthy relationships, substance use, and safe driving. Our combined message and efforts do make a difference in helping keep our kids safe! We have a dedicated group of chaperones who will be well prepared to make the night safe and enjoyable for all.

Have a great weekend!!

Justin M. Campbell
Hanover High School 

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