Hanover High School is an active learning community that provides broad academic and co-curricular programs. We engage students' minds, hearts and voices so that they become educated, caring and responsible adults.

All students are given the opportunity to use their
  • minds to pursue excellence, academic challenge and personal success.
  • hearts to respect and care for the emotional and physical well-being of themselves and others, and for the environment.
  • voices to contribute to the democratic process and the common good.

Principal's Weekly

Dear HHS Parents/Guardians,

Our staff identifies a small number of shared building goals each fall. Ideally these guide our professional growth and work throughout the coming year. One goal that has been suggested by several departments, and that I anticipate us adopting, is the issue of homework. How much do we assign? How much should we assign? What does educational research tell us about the best uses of homework? Are homework assignments evenly distributed or are certain times of the year overwhelming? There are many substantive pedagogical questions to be asked and answered.

Our students take an average of 6.5 courses and live lives full of athletics, art, music and other worthy pursuits. I feel that we are out of balance. I worry that the volume of work we assign, with the best of intentions, forces our students to sleep less than they should and/or to spend less time with their family than they should and/or to have less free time than they should. I value academic rigor and see benefits in having high expectations of our students. I’m not sure these values necessarily imply many hours of homework.

OK, I will stop rambling on. I’m curious to hear what parents think about this issue. We will be sending a survey in the coming weeks but, in the meantime, please feel free to contact me with any thoughts you may have. I will share these, anonymously, with our staff as we consider whether homework is a topic for us to tackle this year.

I hope you have a restful weekend,

Justin M. Campbell
Hanover High School

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